MI Homeowners, Renters May Modify Payments During COVID-19 Outbreak

Mar 25, 2020

Mid-Michigan housing advocates say resources are available for homeowners and renters struggling to make payments during the coronavirus outbreak. 

In Michigan, eviction hearings are on hold through April 17, and major mortgage lenders have enacted a national 60-day moratorium on foreclosures. 


Senior housing counselor LeighAnna Beach with the nonprofit Capital Area Housing Partnership says renters and homeowners facing temporary layoffs or even a more permanent loss of income because of COVID-19 have some options for modifying their payment plans.


“If they’re struggling with a COVID-19 related hardship, they need to reach out to their landlord or their mortgage servicer; that is, the place where they send their payments to, and ask about assistance that may be available,” Beach says.


The Capital Area Housing Partnership staff is working remotely at this time, but Beach says the agency is offering free financial counseling through virtual appointments.