Michigan roads: Is the solution in the asphalt?

Jun 12, 2014

Consultant Rahn Bentley explains how asphalt cement is blended with crushed rocks and other aggregates to form road pavement. Lansing Asphalt in Delta Township heats the mix to more than 300 degrees Fahrenheit and can produce up to 400 tons of asphalt each hour.
Credit Kevin Lavery/WKAR

The $1-billion road funding package that Michigan lawmakers have been struggling to pass in the final days of the session failed to achieve consensus last night. As of this morning, the Michigan Senate will have just a few hours to try to cobble together  a plan to raise the revenue to fix the state’s roads.

Current State’s Kevin Lavery has been thinking about the physical process of road repair. He reports that lawmakers will attempt a final Hail Mary pass today to get a comprehensive road package finished and sent to Governor Snyder. If they can’t, it will have to wait till September, and by then the summer construction season will be over.