Michigan Snow Might Affect Electric Scooter Services

Nov 15, 2018

Snow fall has officially reached Michigan grounds during this cold season and sooner or later, sidewalks will become slippery too. So what will happen to the electric scooters?

The winter season can cause dangerous pathways for pedestrians as well as mobile riders.

The electric scooter company, Bird,  said that's why they're prepared to retract services when necessary.

A Bird spokesperson said, "Bird is extremely committed to the safety of our riders, and so we take into account the weather conditions of each city where Bird is available. We have a team dedicated to closely monitoring all conditions, and they adjust our operations accordingly."

Bird said when weather does not permit safe riding, riders should expect a pause in service or even the removal of Birds from the road during those periods.

Lime is an additional form of electric transportation on the 5,200 acre campus.

Lime's spokeperson said, "Our local operations team will be closely monitoring the weather. While the scooters are water-resistant, the decision to scale up or down the fleet will be dependent on the weather and road conditions."