Michigan State To Choose Sole Campus Scooter Provider

Apr 25, 2019

Electric scooters will return to East Lansing sometime this summer, but this time there will be different regulations in place.

In March, the East Lansing City Council passed an ordinance to regulate electric scooters. The ordinance established a licensing agreement and safety provisions for the scooter companies, which went into effect on March 20.

So far there have been two scooter companies, Spin and Gotcha, who have filed for a licensing agreement with the city. Both are new to East Lansing.

Unlike the city of East Lansing, Michigan State University initiated a request for proposal, or RFP, process for all scooter company applicants. This comes after their decision to designate one scooter provider on campus.

The RFP process allows the electric transportation companies to explain what they can provide to the campus and help MSU decide who will be the sole scooter provider moving forward. 

The company that is chosen as best fit will sign a official contract, agreeing to comply with MSU's rider and parking regulations.