Michigan Unlikely To Make Friday Obamacare Deadline

Nov 13, 2012

Michigan is unlikely to meet a Friday deadline to tell the Obama administration if it will create a statewide online exchange for people to shop for health insurance.  

Credit WKAR File Photo

The alternative is for Michigan to become part of a federally managed exchange.  

Governor Rick Snyder and many business leaders say it makes more sense for Michigan to operate its own exchange. But it appeared they were not going to get their wish after federal deadlines came and went while state House Republicans waited to see how the elections would affect the fate of Obamacare. The federal government just granted Michigan an extension to make its decision.

State Representative Gail Haines chairs the House Health Policy Committee. She says there are still questions about the cost and efficiency of a state versus a federal exchange, and she’s not worried about the new deadline.        

“That is if the federal government stands by that deadline," she says. "How many deadlines have we seen changed?”

Haines says waiting does not mean Michigan will not get to design its own system.