Michigan Women's Hall of Fame features modern women in science and technology

Mar 12, 2013

Despite graduation rates exceeding that of American men, women in this country are still underrepresented in the science and technology fields.
Credit Argonne National Laboratory/flickr

More than half of all college graduates are women, yet there's a shortage of women in many science and technology professions.  The trend inspired the new exhibit “STEMinists -- Michigan women in science, technology, engineering and math," which opens this week at the Michigan Women's Historical Center and Hall of Fame in Lansing.  The exhibit profiles women who have been successful in various STEM fields.  

Emily Fijol, the curator of STEMinists and assistant director of the Michigan Women’s Hall of Fame, as well as Dr. Elizabeth Simmons, an MSU physicist and one of the women profiled in the exhibit, discuss women in science.