Mike Mains & the Branches | Backstage Pass | Ep. 1001

Oct 23, 2019

Enjoy intimate performances and a look behind the scenes as artists reveal their inspiration behind the music. WATCH NOW

Backstage Pass returns for its 10th season on WKAR TV, and kicking off the new season is Mike Mains & The Branches! Known for their indie-pop melodies, husband and wife Mike and Shannon Mains headline Mike Mains & The Branches. Their music reflects their love and experiences together as a couple. 

Later this season watch nationally-renowned acts including the electronic pop sound of Tishmal, the progressie soul pop of Paddlebots, the new sounds of Tunde Olaniran and much more! 

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BackStage Pass features intimate concert performances and a look behind the scenes as artists reveal the inspiration behind the music. WKAR's original series showcases nationally renowned acts ranging from the electronic pop sound of Tishmal, the soulful hip hop of Tunde Olaniran, alt rock band Mike Mains & The Branches, and much more.

Ep. 1001 first air 10/26/2019.