MSU To Build 100 Acre Solar Farm

Feb 14, 2020

Michigan State University will build a new solar panel array just off its main campus in East Lansing. 

MSU already operates the largest solar-powered carport in North America.  Now, the university will build a so-called “solar farm” that’s expected to produce enough energy to power 4,400 homes. 


Dan Bollman is vice-president for strategy infrastructure planning and facilities at MSU.


“It will be on about 100 acres on the south portion of campus adjacent to Hagadorn and Jolly roads,” says MSU vice-president for strategic infrastructure and planning Dan Bollman.  “Once we have this array in place, we project we’ll save at least $1million a year in avoided energy costs.”


The $2.3 million project will be funded by MSU through utility reserve funds.  When completed in 2022, officials say the solar farm will triple the university’s use of renewable energy.