MSU, LCC Link To Assist Student Transfers

Mar 24, 2021

Michigan State University and Lansing Community College are partnering to streamline the process for LCC students hoping to transfer to MSU.

LCC President Steve Robinson calls the “Envision Green” program “a win-win for students…higher education…and our local region.” He continues "working together to build Lansing’s next generation and keep them here in our community is an important way to advance the greater Lansing community.”

MSU President Samuel Stanley Jr. says the university will ask key academic units to facilitate course credit transfers. Stanley adds that “MSU will work individually with LCC students to ensure a smooth transition, and we will help LCC recruit students, including those who are waitlisted or recessed from MSU, and together, we will create a joint calendar of events for students, continue to share information, and seek further ways to facilitate transfers.”

Under the plan announced Wednesday, Michigan State will provide LCC students with access to two academic advisors one day a week.

The agreement takes immediate force for an initial term of one year.