MSU Library features Latino experimental art

Sep 19, 2014

DOC/UNDOC is an experimental art book on display at MSU's main library.

When you think of sitting down to read a book, you probably aren’t expecting blinking lights, musical accompaniment, and Mexican wrestling masks. But that’s exactly what you’ll get with "DOC/UNDOC", a recent collaboration of book, performance, and sound artists, including renowned Latino performance artist Guillermo Gómez-Peña.

Michigan State University purchased one of fifteen deluxe editions of "DOC/UNDOC" for its rare book collection. It will be on display in the Cesar Chavez collection at MSU’s main library for the next two weeks.

Current State speaks with Diana Rivera, a Chicano and Latino Studies Bibliographer at Michigan State’s library system, and Felicia Rice, one of the artists who collaborated on the project.