MSU Opera mounts third ever ‘Room with a View’ production

Nov 16, 2015

You may know the 1985 Merchant-Ivory film “A Room with a View,” but later this week the MSU Opera Theater will open their season with an English-language opera based on the beloved E.M. Forster novel. We speak with the MSU opera’s director and cast.

This Wednesday, the MSU Opera Theater opens their season with an adaptation of the classic British novel “A Room with a View” by E. M. Forster. This is only the third-ever production of  the opera by composer Robert Nelson & librettist Buck Ross.

One of the biggest challenges is to let the audience know what to expect when it comes to the music.

Current State’s Jamie Paisley sat in on a couple of rehearsals and spoke with some of the creative minds and voices behind this new production.