MSU Pres. Stanley Responds To Racial Tensions

Oct 25, 2019

The president of Michigan State University says several racially-charged incidents have produced what he calls “a very difficult week.”

Damage to a structure outside the MSU Jewish student center; a paper noose found on a black student’s dorm room door; a professor’s survey employing racist language from social media comment sections. All have contributed to renewed racial tension on campus.

University President Samuel Stanley says an investigation into the noose incident has not been completed. “Our bias incident team is still completing their investigation as well," Stanley explains, "so I think I’m going to defer a final version on that and what I think we need to do based on what we see from that.”

Stanley declined to speculate on the possible ramifications for those responsible.

The school originally characterized the noose incident as a prank, but has since walked that back.