MSU professor fights illegal wildlife traffic

Nov 17, 2015

Illegal wildlife trading is the fifth most profitable illicit trade in the world, and it’s not just happening in other parts of the world, it happens here in Michigan too. Current State talks with MSU associate professor Meredith Gore, who researches the decline and exploitation of wildlife and natural resources and works to find solutions.

When you think of illegal trade, you probably first think of drugs and weapons, but there’s another type that’s on the rise in many parts of the world: wildlife trading. It’s the fifth most profitable illicit trade in the world, and it’s being researched extensively by a professor at MSU.

Current State talks with Meredith Gore, who has a joint appointment in the Department of Fisheries & Wildlife and School of Criminal Justice at MSU. She also co-founded the Conservation Criminology Program at Michigan State. Her research focuses not only on illegal wildlife trade, but also the exploitation of natural resources, and she works to understand people’s perceptions of these problems and find solutions within communities.

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