MSU researchers look to put a spark in science ed

Oct 12, 2015

The National Science Foundation has awarded MSU a grant that will allow them to study and test the best ways to improve science learning in schools. We speak with principal investigator for the project Barbara Schneider.

Barbara Schneider is the John A. Hannah Chair and University Distinguished Professor in the College of Education and Department of Sociology at MSU.
Credit Courtesy photo / MSU College of Education

For the United States to develop a more scientifically advanced workforce, it’s important to keep young people excited about science. But determining just how to do that is a science in itself. Researchers at MSU are about to tackle that task, and they have just been awarded a $3.6-million dollar grant from the National Science Foundation to help them do it.

They will partner with scholars in Finland to study the impact of teaching strategies on students, with the goal of enhancing student engagement in science.

Current State speaks with Barbara Schneider, principal investigator for the project.