MSU Science Gallery Hosts Virtual Conference On The Science Of Grief

Mar 19, 2021

This weekend, Science Gallery Detroit and the MSU Broad Art Museum are hosting an international -- all virtual -- conference about grief and what it's like to mourn the loss of a loved one during the pandemic.

Navigating grief can feel like an insurmountable experience. MSU Professor Rocio Quispe-Agnoli said dealing with the loss of a loved one has never been so difficult.

She is one of the panelists presenting at this weekend's Science of Grief conference. She is hoping to use her research on the history on how Andean communities dealt with grief to help others deal with their own grief during this time. 

“We are grieving together and let's try to make it a community thing. I mean, you're not alone. I think the main message is that if you have had a loss, and you're grieving, you're not alone," she said.

Quispe-Agnoli said the panels focus on the science behind mourning.

“When we lose someone we love, the pain is unbearable. And therefore, I think, a network of affection, as I like to call it, be it relative, be it friends, be it coworkers ask, but that has also helped me in my losses, knowing that there is a network of affection around me," she said.

The conference is scheduled to take place Saturday at 6pm and Sunday at 3pm. Registration is required and is available here.