MSU students’ ‘jaundice blanket’ heads to market

Jun 22, 2015

A partnership between a Michigan State University start-up company and a Michigan-based medical sector investment firm is bringing a new treatment for infant jaundice closer to market.

TheraB's blanket will help treat jaundice in newborns.
Credit TheraB Medical

A new medical device invented by three MSU undergraduate students is getting closer to being on the market. The device is called a SnugLit, and it’s a much more streamlined form of technology that’s usually used to treat babies with jaundice. 

Engineering students Oliver Bloom, Vu Hoang, and Alexa Jones created it a while back. It won a bunch of design competitions, and now there’s a startup that’s trying to get it to market. It’s called TheraB, and its CEO is Ryan Jankovick, who has a number of years of experience in the medical device business and has been mentoring the students. Current State's Melissa Benmark talked to Jankovick about the birth of the product and its future in the medical device world.