MSU Trustee Completes Review Of Unreleased Nassar Documents

Dec 18, 2020

A Michigan State University Trustee has completed a year-long review of unreleased documents related to the Larry Nassar sexual abuse case.

When Renee Knake Jefferson joined the MSU Board of Trustees a year ago, she was granted access to what at the time was said to be 6,000 documents. On Friday, she told Trustees that the number instead was nearly 9,800. She says she found them to be consistent with information already known to the public.

Knake Jefferson proposes a ramped-up presidential review process, and uniformity across campus units in the handling of sexual misconduct allegations. “I recommend that the board release these documents for an independent review," she told her fellow Trustees, "after which the body conducting the review would issue a public report along the lines of what the board had previously approved back in June of 2019.”

Knake Jefferson did not elaborate on specific documents, explaining that she's treating them as privileged.

Dianne Byrum chairs the MSU Board of Trustees. She spoke with reporters via Zoom after Friday's meeting.

Board chairperson Dianne Byrum responded after the meeting by stating “we are going to have two new Trustees join us January 1st, and I am certain that the board will continue to have conversations and discussion about privileged documents.”

Friday was also the final Trustees meeting for Joel Ferguson and Brian Mosallam.