Nassar Survivor Families Push New MSU President To Honor Promised Action

Aug 1, 2019

Some parents of Nassar abuse survivors are pushing for a meeting with the new president of Michigan State University. 

Dr. Samuel Stanley Jr. officially took over as MSU president on Thursday.

That’s also when Parents of Sister Survivors Engage, or “POSSE,” sent him a letter asking him to honor his promise to meet with Nassar survivors and their parents. 

Stanley has publicly expressed his desire to help the campus move forward.  POSSE member Bryan Tarrant is looking for action.

“He may say ‘I’m going to do these things,’ says Tarrant.  The board (of trustees) has done that to us, John Engler did that to us when he came in, Lou Anna Simon did that early on…and all these things are said and none of it is ever followed through.  So, words mean nothing to us at this point in time; it’s going to be action.  But he’s going to have to show that by truly engaging with us.”

MSU spokesperson Emily Guerrant says a meeting between President Stanley and the survivor community is being planned. 

She says it will likely take place within the next two months, once some survivors are back on campus for the start of fall classes.