Nation eyes 'flipped school' pioneer in Michigan

Oct 30, 2013

Clintondale High School principal Greg Green. At his school, failure rates are down and graduation rates and college attendance are up.

Clintondale High School, about nine miles north of Detroit, is attracting widespread attention for overhauling its approach to teaching.

Clintondale used to rank among the bottom 5% of high schools in the state.  Three years ago, in an experiment overseen by our next guest, Clintondale “flipped.”

The school began videorecording its teacher’s lectures and offering them online so students could watch them on their own time.  Classroom time then became devoted solely to small group projects, exercises or lab experiments, with teachers roaming and interacting with the groups.

Greg Green, principal of Clintondale High School in Clinton Township, says a key is the amount of support teachers are able to give to students in the learning process.