Neighbors in Action: Meta Peace Team

Jun 26, 2013

The Meta Peace Team places peacekeepers anywhere from Palestine to rallies at the Capitol in Lansing (pictured). Meta Peace Team founder Peter Dougherty said that the presence of peacekeepers stopped several fights at the recent right-to-work rallies.
Credit Flickr

This week, Neighbors In Action features Meta Peace Team, an organization that provides peacekeeping teams to address and diffuse conflict in possibly dangerous situations like political rallies and war zones, both domestically and abroad.

Meta Peace Team founder Peter Dougherty and Anna Malavisi, a peace team volunteer, discuss their work in promoting non-violence. If you’d like to nominate someone or an organization to be featured on our Neighbors in Action segment, please send an email to Put “Neighbors in Action” in the subject line and tell us why you think they should be featured for the great work they do.