Neighbors In Action: MSU FAME

Oct 19, 2016

About 400 MSU students identify themselves as having experienced foster care or some form of "out of home" living situation, including homelessness. For Neighbors in Action, we learn about MSU's Fostering Academics Mentoring Program (FAME).

Think back to the stress of being in high-school: trying to get your homework done, pass your tests, be a well-rounded student, and figuring out what you’re going to do with your life after graduation. Now imagine having to do all that after being removed from your home and separated from your family members. Not so easy, because success usually takes more than just hard work. It can all depend on how supportive your environment is.

The goal of MSU’s Fostering Academics Mentoring Program (FAME) program is to reach out and provide that supportive environment for students who want it.

For Neighbors in Action this week, we talk with a student who has been participating, Justin McElwee, and FAME’s program director Andrea Martineau.