Neighbors in Action: Walls of Warmth

Jan 6, 2017

For Neighbors in Action, we learn about Walls of Warmth, a new program helping the homeless in Shiawassee County.

It’s sometimes easier to associate homelessness with a large urban setting, but smaller communities also have residents who struggle with homelessness.

Today on Neighbors in Action, we learn about a recently launched effort to serve homeless people in Shiawassee County. Walls of Warmth is a rotating shelter with area churches serving as host sites.

Current State talks with Marlene Webster, a pastor and the coordinator of Walls of Warmth.  She’s also the founder and executive director of a related community service organization, Shiawassee Hope. We also speak with Samantha Ardelean, Walls of Warmth's administrative assistant and a former beneficiary of Shiawassee Hope.