Nessel Settles Same Sex Adoption Lawsuit

Mar 22, 2019

The state of Michigan has promised to make sure adoption and foster agencies that receive state money do not discriminate against same sex couples. Michigan Public Radio’s Cheyna Roth has more.

Attorney General Dana Nessel announced a settlement in an ongoing federal lawsuit between the state and same sex couples. The couples tried to adopt through an agency that contracts with the state. But they were denied services because of their sexual orientation. The agency cited religious beliefs.

Nessel said in a video statement, once agencies accept a contract with the state, they cannot turn someone away because of their sexual orientation.

“This settlement helps place children in loving homes and helps Michiganders complete their families.” Said Nessel.

Becket Law represented St. Vincent Catholic Charities – a faith-based adoption agency involved in the lawsuit. It says Nessel is going against state law that protects these types of agencies.