Nestle’s Permit To Increase Groundwater Pumping In Michigan Approved

Apr 2, 2018

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has approved a permit for Nestle to pump a higher volume of water out of its well in West Michigan.  

Capital correspondent Cheyna Roth reports.

Nestle already pumps water out of the well near Evart – and bottles it under its Ice Mountain Brand.

The request to boost the amount it withdraws came under fire with tens of thousands of people submitting comments to state regulators against the proposal. With the Department of Environmental Quality’s approval, Nestle can now pump up to 400 gallons per minute from the well. Previously it could pump 250 gallons per minute.

The department says the permit meets the requirements necessary under the Michigan Safe Drinking Water Act. But environmentalists say this is privatizing water and is bad for the environment.