New Company Prepares To Bring E-Scooters To East Lansing

Jul 29, 2019

Electric scooters will return to East Lansing when Michigan State University students begin the fall semester. However, Lime or Bird won't provide the scooters. A different company, Gotcha, will make its debut.



Gotcha is a ride sharing company that provides electric scooters and bikes. The company has deployed scooters in more than 20 states. They have an agreement with East Lansing and are finalizing an agreement with Michigan State University before setting the scooters up.

Gotcha has not said how many scooters are coming.

East Lansing and Lansing adopted ordinances that have allowed the return of the scooters. There will be zones where scooters can be dropped off and picked up. 


Gotcha Scooters unclose
Credit Gotcha

Sean Flood is the CEO and Founder of Gotcha. He said his scooters have a more robust design. There will be bigger wheels and a wider footboard that will help with balancing. 



Gotcha is hoping to bring the e-bike to the Capital Region but as of now only the scooters will be deployed in August.