New Flint mayor: disaster declaration key to solving water crisis

Nov 25, 2015

Dr. Karen Weaver was sworn in as the new mayor of Flint just over two weeks ago. The first female mayor in the city’s history has a lot on her plate, from lead-contaminated drinking water to the struggle to free her city from state oversight. We talk with Mayor Weaver about her plan to tackle these and other challenges.

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver
Credit Courtesy photo / City of Flint

The city of Flint is fighting for its survival. The city is contending with lead-contaminated water that’s sickened a number of residents and generated legal action. Flint has seen steady population decline for decades, which erodes tax revenues and support services. And though the city is no longer under the direction of an emergency manager, it’s still under state oversight.

Into this landscape enter Karen Williams Weaver. Flint’s first female mayor was sworn into office on November 9. She’s working with an array of local, state and federal officials to restore safe drinking water and in the coming days, she plans to unveil a strategy for her first 100 days in office.

Current State talks with Mayor Weaver about the ongoing water crisis and other issues facing Flint.