New Health Report Seeks to Identify Regional Priorities

Jun 19, 2012

Mid-Michigan health officials say they’ve issued the most comprehensive study of its kind in this region.  The survey takes an extensive look at many social and environmental causes of health outcomes. 

The study tracks a number of physical health indicators, including obesity, smoking and stress.  The report also probes socioeconomic and environmental factors, and not surprisingly, it finds a direct correlation between poverty and poor health. 

Ingham Health Officer Renee Canady says she hopes the data will prompt people not to be complacent about their health.

"Why can you go through some communities and there are wonderful bike paths and people are walking and talking?," says Canady.  "Because it's a culture of health that they've decided they want.  And so, we're just trying to ignite a movement."

Health officials will host a series of public meetings this summer about the data, and will issue an action plan this fall.