New Sexual Assault Kit Tracker Would Let Victims “Be Their Own Best Advocate”

Oct 4, 2017

Michigan may start tracking its sexual assault evidence kits. An amendment to the state’s budget would pay for the required software and training. 

The kits contain swabs and other evidence gathered from a victim of sexual assault.

Software would track the kit as it moves from place to place – It’s a lot like tracking your order from an online store.

The system is meant to prevent backlogs of untested kits.

Republican Representative Lara Cox sponsored the amendment.

“It’s gonna open up an opportunity for checks and balances and that’s absolutely what we need for these. These are very, very important kits.” Cox says.

Almost a decade ago, the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office discovered more than 10-thousand untested kits. Wayne and other counties have spent the last few years trying to reduce their backlogs.