New sketches released in Renkoski case


A cold case team that has spent two years looking into the missing persons case of Paige Renkoski has released new sketches of suspects.


The Livingston County Sheriff's department now has six different sketches of people who might be linked to the Renkoski case. They think the abduction may have been committed by as many as four people.

The Okemos woman went missing in 1990, her car left with the engine running along westbound I-96 near the Fowlerville exit. She's never been found, and there have been no arrests.

Investigator Bill Lenaghan says along with the new sketches, technology not previously available could help police look for remains.

"It'll be ground radar," Lenaghan says, "to look at some sites that we've developed that may be where, hopefully, we can at least find the body."

In all, the cold case team has followed up on over 1,000 tips, and they're looking for more. Anyone with information is asked to call 1-800-SPEAKUP.