Obamacare provision sheds light on payments to docs, hospitals

Nov 24, 2014

Dr. Kenneth Elmassian
Credit http://www.drkennethelmassian.com/

Important data recently shed light on the financial relationships between key members of Michigan’s medical community. Sunshine provisions contained in the Affordable Care Act require disclosure of the money paid to physicians and teaching  hospitals by drug and medical device manufacturers.

So-called “Open Payments” data released about two months ago by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services show Michigan doctors and teaching hospitals received almost $53-million from those medical industries in the last quarter of 2013.

Patient advocates say the data helps exposes potential conflicts of interest that could impact treatment decisions.

Many physicians acknowledge the importance of disclosure, but say context is also important.

Current State speaks with Dr. Kenneth Elmassian. He's a board certified anesthesiologist based at Lansing’s Ingham Medical Center and immediate Past President of the Michigan State Medical Society, the physicians organization based in East Lansing.