Peacock Road Family Farm Recreates "The Polar Express" For Santa Experience Events

Dec 16, 2019

A mid-Michigan tree farm is becoming a popular holiday destination. WKAR student reporter Alina Zhuravel traveled to Peacock Road Family Farm to tell us why their Santa Experience events are so popular. 


When "The Polar Express" hit theatres, Ed Carpenter was inspired to recreate the story on his Christmas tree farm in Laingsburg, Michigan.

“It’s turned out to be an unbelievable success,” said Carpenter.

He said that last year alone, close to 12,000 people bought tickets for his Santa Experience events where the holiday film comes to life. 


At Peacock Road Family Farm, guests climb aboard the Peacock Express.

The Peacock Express can carry up to 32 people.
Credit Alina Zhuravel

“They ride past our reindeer, ” said Carpenter.

The train arrives at a log cabin called the North Pole where the passengers are greeted by Santa Claus.

Heather Hugg and her family have been visiting the farm for five years now. She said she loves watching her kids interact with Santa. 

“Their eyes just almost like glisten as they look at him so it's so precious,” Hugg said. “It almost brings tears to my eyes.”

For Carpenter, that’s what his farm is all about. 

“You know, farmers feed our nutritional needs,” he said. “Christmas tree farmers feed our soul so that’s what we kind of do: take care of people’s souls here.”