Plate Tectonics | Curious Crew | Ep. 208

Feb 5, 2016

Fault lines, plate tectonics and earthquakes?  WATCH NOW

Learn about the layers that make up the earth and how they interact to affect the landscape. Then try the STEM Challenge by making shake tables and earthquake-resistant structures.


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  1. Pressure in a Bottle (pdf): Do you know what causes eruptions in the earth’s surface, likeearthquakes or volcanoes? Try this investigation to find out!
  2. Mud Makover (pdf): Have you ever wondered what Earth was like a really long time ago?
  3. Mini Earth Model (pdf): Investigate the layers of the earth by making a model!
  4. Plate Tectonics with an Orange (pdf): Find out more about the earth’s plates and how they move.
  5. Plate Boundaries (pdf): Push together; pull apart. Now side to side, and slide, slide, slide. Let’sdo the Plate Boundaries Dance!
  6. Spring Waves (pdf): Create earthquake waves with nothing more than a Slinky and a friend!
  7. Cool Whip and Graham Cracker Tectonics (pdf): Please don’t eat the tectonics! Instead, try modeling what happens to the earth when its tectonic plates are on the move!
  8. Spreading Sea Floor (pdf): We can’t feel our continent moving, but we can model it!
  9. Towel-Fold Mountains (pdf): Really? Folding rocks? How about entire mountains? 

STEM Challenge - Make Earthquake-Resistant Structures and Test with a Shake Table - Pretend that you are a structural engineer who has to build a building that must withstand an earthquake for at least 15 seconds.

first air 2/5/16 Ep. 208