Pop-Up Story: ‘Dancing on Graves’

Feb 22, 2016

Pop-Up Stories is back in action this week! To celebrate the return of our mobile storytelling series, we’ve got one of our favorite stories from last year. It's by Tashmica Torok.

Our mobile storytelling series Pop-Up Stories, produced in collaboration with the MSU Residential College in the Arts and Humanities, starts up again this Thursday. We’ll be at the MICA galley in Old Town at 6 p.m. for an evening of stories about having a “change of heart.”

As a preview of what’s in store for you, we have a story from one of the people who stepped up to the microphone at our Pop-Up Stories event last year.

Tashmica Torok is the executive director of the Firecracker Foundation, which provides therapy and other services to child survivors of sexual survivors. She told this story at our event at REACH Studio Art Center in REO Town last fall.

If you want to tell your own story about having a “change of heart”, there’s still time to sign up! Just email currentstate@wkar.org and put Pop-Up Stories in the subject line.