Price tag for Flint crisis grows as Snyder and Schuette request outside help

Mar 10, 2016

Current State talks with Jonathan Oosting of the Detroit News about the potential cost of legal services related to the Flint water crisis.

Gov. Rick Snyder is is asking for $1.2 million for the state’s legal fees associated with the Flint water crisis.

$100 a day. That’s about how much it would have cost to add anti-corrosives to Flint’s drinking water after it switched from Detroit’s system in 2014.

The price tag for fixing the water crisis has gotten a lot bigger since then. Flint estimates that it will need at least $55 million dollars to replace corroded lead service lines.

And now Gov. Rick Snyder is requesting $1.2 million dollars to pay for the state’s legal fees.

Attorney General Bill Schuette is also hoping the state will give $1.5 million dollars to his office’s investigation into the water crisis.

Current State talks about the mounting bills related to lead in Flint’s drinking water with Detroit News political reporter Jonathan Oosting.