Proposed Bill Would Allow Lawmakers To Intervene In Any Court Proceeding

Nov 29, 2018

As Democrats get ready to take some power in Lansing, Republicans in the Legislature are responding. A new bill would let the state Legislature – which will be run by Republicans next year – intervene in any court proceeding it says is necessary.

Dana Nessel is a Democrat and will be Michigan’s Attorney General, starting January 1st.

A spokesperson for Nessel’s transition team says Nessel is troubled by the move.

She says the legislation seems like an attempt to undermine the Attorney General’s office.

If it’s signed into law, the House and Senate would be able to take any action that a party to the litigation could take.

This means that if the Attorney General refuses to defend a law passed by the Legislature, the House and-or Senate could step in. 

There’s also a new bill that would take away some oversight powers of the Secretary of State – who will also be a Democrat next year.