Protected Bike Path Trial To Begin In East Lansing

Aug 12, 2019

Pedestrians and bicyclists will be the first in mid-Michigan to see a protected bike lane along southbound Bogue Street in East Lansing. Taking up the rightmost lane, the new path has lanes for bicycles and scooters in an effort to keep sidewalks clear for pedestrians. 

This pilot project will run until October when Infrastructure and Planning Facilities members will analyze data and look thorough public feedback to determine whether or not the protected lane improved safety.

If the public receives it well and the university deems it viable, these new protected lanes could appear across the rest of Michigan State University campus very soon.

Tim Potter, the Sustainable Transportation Manager and Advisory Committee member for MSU Bikes, said the focus of this trial is safety.

“We thought that making it easier and safer for the bicyclists to get off and on to Bogue Street off the river trail would be beneficial to discourage bicyclists from having to ride up on the sidewalk to get to the river trail," said Potter. "We know that it’s a really heavy volume area for people walking and biking. Making it safer was the main focus of how we looked at redesigning it or at least giving some ideas about how to redesign it.”

The markings for the protected lane will be removed at the conclusion of the test period.

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