Q: Can you share new ways to make math fun?

Apr 21, 2021

A: There are a bazillion ways to make math fun and the Michigan Learning Channel’s Math Mights is one of them.  Children must develop problem solving skills as a key to understanding math concepts. These skills aren’t always easy to learn but the Mathville Gang can help.

"Math Mights are a way to tie math strategies to characters that will help students understand math processes differently than just solving problems one way. This series promotes students’ communicated reasoning, so they are able to confidently explain their thinking. It also provides a common language in schools so students can learn about the characters and the strategies in first grade, and then apply the same strategies to higher level concepts as they grow." -- MathMights.org 

From Abracus to Professor Barble and Dotson, kids are sure to find each character entertaining as they demonstrate new ways to solve problems.

Be sure to check out Math Mights and more on the Michigan Learning Channel. 

Happy Learning,  

Mrs. Pizzo

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