Re-enacting the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday in Lansing

Apr 13, 2017

Every year, Lansing’s Cristo Rey Church marks Good Friday by reenacting the Stations of the Cross. For Catholics, the 14 stations commemorate Christ’s last day on earth as a man. The Lansing reenactment starts at the state capitol at noon on Good Friday and proceeds to the Cristo Rey Community Center on High Street.

MSU Junior Jose Gallo has portrayed Jesus since he was a freshman at Lansing Eastern High School. Before that, he played one of the soldiers tormenting Christ.

Gallo says he uses the Lenten season to prepare for Good Friday. "I use that as a time of meditation," Gallo explains. "I begin to think of what type of emotions Jesus went through in that time, what his reasonings were, why he did it."

"Obviously, he knew what was going to occur," he continues. "I try to get my emotions to be similar to that. "Obviously, it will never be anything close to being what he felt, but I try my best to portray that."

As for the Stations of the Cross, Gallo says "you hear the noises, you hear my screaming. People that you pass are like 'oh, my goodness! Is this legitimate?', especially people who aren't raised with a Catholic background or a Christian background."

Gallo concludes that portraying Jesus has made him a better man after six portrayals. "I legitimately don't do things as I used to. I've grown a lot to be more Christian-like. I get more involved in church. That means helping the youth to follow my footsteps as well."

The Stations of the Cross re-enactment begins at noon on Good Friday at the state capitol building and proceeds to the Cristo Rey Community Center on High Street.