Redevelopment Team Selected For Affordable Rentals In Flint

May 3, 2018

A team has been selected to redevelop a site in Flint where 78 units of affordable, rental housing are planned for low-income residents.

The Genesee County Land Bank Authority says Imagine Brinshore Group in collaboration with the North Flint Reinvestment Corp. will redevelop the Pierson Road site.

Units planned for the site include a 3-story building, attached 2-story townhomes and six "tiny homes."

The redevelopment project requires a mix of funding. Construction could begin late next year.

The land bank says the building strategy will help transition from busy traffic on Pierson Road to the residential neighborhood behind the parcel.

The North Flint Reinvestment Corp. says the project is a critical component to its planned Health & Wellness Hub development.