Reigniting an Icon - Ottawa Street Power Station

Lansing, MI –

WKAR NewsRoom reports on the Ottawa Street Power Station -- one of Lansing's most storied and recognizable buildings.

WKAR coverage from 2001 to the present looks at the history of the building and the extensive work done to save it.

The building reopens in April 2011 as part of the headquarters complex for Accident Fund Insurance Company.
Coverage 2001-2010
Lansing Board Of Water And Light Finds New Use For Building [2001]
Originally aired 6/26/2001. Matthew Ferguson visits the Lansing Board of Water and Light's landmark Ottawa street power station, and looks at efforts to find a new use for the building.

Officials Tour Lansing Ottawa Street Power Station [2006]
Originally aired 4/21/2006. Today in Lansing, A group of city and state officials are taking a tour of the Ottawa Street Power Station. Vacant for more than a decade, the Lansing Board of Water and Light building has confounded every developer and politician who has ever dreamed of its redevelopment. But a new city administration, armed with new redevelopment tools, is optimistic that the building's future is bright.

Accident Fund To Renovate BWL Building [2007]
Originally aired 10/9/2007. Yesterday it was announced that downtown Lansing's Ottawa Street Power Station would become the new home for Lansing-based Accident Fund Insurance. That news has given community leaders new hope for an old building.

Building Named As National Historic Site [2009]
Originally aired 3/18/2009. Last year, work began to renovate Lansing's Ottawa Street Power Station. The Accident Fund Insurance Company is spending $182 million on its new world headquarters at the site. The Ottawa Street Power Station has now been placed on the National Register of Historic Places. WKAR's Rob South has this look at the building's history, and what makes it worthy of national historic recognition.

Ottawa Street Power Station history preserved in Accident Fund HQ [2010]
Originally aired 8/19/2010. Lansing's Ottawa Street Power Station is in the midst of a $120 million dollar renovation. The Accident Fund Insurance Company will use the building as part of its new headquarters complex.

Ottawa Street Power Station redevelopment shaping up [2010]
Originally aired 2/3/2010. A major milestone in the renovation of the Ottawa Street Power Station this winter was the removal of a set of cooling towers and a parking ramp which had obscured the building for decades. The historic building is being turned into office-space for the Accident Fund Insurance Company.