Resonance | Curious Crew | Ep. 302

Nov 21, 2016

Resonant rods, rings and pipes and powerful pendulums! WATCH NOW 

The Curious Crew learns that every object has the potential to vibrate, and those vibrations occur in different wave patterns. Resonance is adding an additional force with a matching frequency the wave. Then try a STEM Challenge by making a membranophone. 


Download the #CuriosityGuide

  1. Singing Rod (pdf): Learn what makes a singing rod do its thing!
  2. Tuning Fork Tube (pdf): Investigate how to make sounds louder!  
  3. Resonant Rods (pdf): Make a model that will help you understand more about vibrations, sound waves, and resonance.
  4. Resonant Rings (pdf): Do you have natural rhythm? All objects do!
  5. Powerful Pendulums (pdf): Learn more about resonance while having fun with a pendulum you make yourself!
  6. Cuica Can (pdf): Make an unusual musical instrument and learn more about how sound works.
  7. Stick Kazoo (pdf): Create a fun musical instrument that vibrates to produce sound, and learn how to change the sound. Happy music making! 
  8. Bee Buzzer (pdf): Fly like a butterfly; buzz like a bee! 
  9. Resonant Imaging Tubes (pdf): Use sound waves to make light patterns! 
  10. Resonant Pipes (pdf): Air tubes can filter and resonate different sounds! Find out how! 

STEM - Making a Membranophone - Create a unique musical instrument!