Rise in Flu Cases May Easily be Prevented

Jan 27, 2017

It's almost the end of January and Linda Vail, the Ingham County Health Officer says they are noticing a fairly steady rise in flu cases. Vail says influenza can target anyone, but senior citizens, young children and people with suppressed immune systems are most at risk. 

Is your stomach upset or are you coughing? Vail says flu symptoms can be confusing:

"You hear a lot of people talking about stomach flus, that nausea gastrointestinal stuff is not the flu, that's a different virus.

A true influenza flu is a respiratory illness." She added.  "It's that cough and chest congestion, a fever, usually it might be as high as 101 [degrees], and muscle and body aches."

The best way to keep the influenza at bay is to get a flu shot, but a habit you do several times a day can keep the doctor and flu away as well.

"Washing your hands is actually remarkably effective at stopping the spread of flu." Vail said. "The more you wash your hands and avoid touching your mouth, eyes or nose after having touched a door handle the less likely you are to infect yourself."

Vail says the flu shot is still available at the Ingham County Health Department and local pharmacies.