Schor Satisfied With Protest Enforcement Plan

Jan 15, 2021


Lansing’s mayor is praising preparations for the possibility of armed protests at the state Capitol on Sunday and over the next week.


Mayor Andy Schor says he’s satisfied with the coordination of state and local resources to protect the Capitol building and the rest of downtown Lansing.

He says he’s talked with the governor several times about activating the National Guard, which she has done. Since the insurrection at the nation’s Capitol last week, Schor is concerned about the possibility of violence or destruction. “Anybody who is violent in protest will face consequences," Schor says, "so you’re welcome to come to Lansing, you’re welcome to protest, but we expect it to be peaceful.”

Along with the Capitol complex, there will be a police presence elsewhere downtown. “It’s not going to be an overwhelming police presence," Schor explains. "I don’t really want to instigate anybody to feel threatened, but you’ll see a policing presence, and then we’ll have other resources available as needed.”

Along with Lansing police, the Ingham County Sheriff’s Department and police from nearby communities are assisting.