Secretary Of State Candidates Spar Over Wait Times And Government Transparency

Oct 19, 2018

The Republican and Democratic candidates for Secretary of State sparred in a debate on WKAR’s Off the Record today. Capital correspondent Cheyna Roth reports.


Both candidates presented their credentials and made the case for why they are the best person to run the office in charge of Michigan’s voting and driving.


The candidates sparred over each other’s campaign promises.


Democratic candidate Jocelyn Benson promised a 30-minute wait time at Secretary of State offices.


“This is just about doing better for our citizens and saying”, Benson said. “Hold me accountable.”


Republican candidate Mary Treder Lang called the promise a gimmick, “This is not a pizza delivery place.” Said Treder.


Candidates for the Libertarian and U.S. Taxpayers parties are also on the ballot for Secretary of State.