Sharks of Hawaii | Nature

Apr 16, 2021

Wed. Apr. 21 at 8pm on WKAR-HD 23.1 & STREAMING | Meet the sharks that call the waters near Hawaii’s islands their home.

Meet the whitetip reef shark, whale shark, tiger shark and more.

Under the waves and tropical sun, each of Hawaii’s volcanic islands hosts a unique ocean landscape teeming with biodiversity, but one predator reigns supreme: the shark. With 40 species of shark calling these warm waters home, scientists are seeing new animal behavior around every corner. Whitetip reef sharks “sleep” in tight volcanic tunnels. In the deep water, everything is on the menu for the hunting tiger shark, from birds to humpback whales. Hopping from island to island, uncover surprising moments of cooperation, rarely seen hunting tactics and striking insights into these predators of the world’s paradise.

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