Snyder hires Dillon and Posthumus

Republican Governor-Elect Rick Snyder has hired the Legislature's top Democrat to his administration. Democratic House Speaker Andy Dillon will be the new state treasurer.

Andy Dillon he knows his future role will be more about offering advice than his job as the state House leader.

"You know, I'll give him options, and share with him what my thoughts are, but in terms of setting policy it's not my position anymore to have that opinion," he says.

Dillon says he was a key figure in a dysfunctional system in Lansing, but he is eager to see that change. He is not sure if he will step down as House Speaker for the few remaining days of this year's legislative session.

Snyder also hired former Lieutenant Governor and Republican state Senate Majority Leader Dick Posthumus as a senior advisor of legislative affairs. Snyder says he is pleased with his hiring decisions.

"I think it's good to have a balance in terms of a diverse background, and I'm going to continue on that path," he adds.

Snyder says he has not received criticism from Republicans for hiring a top Democrat in Lansing.