Social media helps solve Michigan girl’s 1980 disappearance

May 1, 2015

WOOD-TV reporter Ken Kolker
Credit WOOD-TV

Social media and the internet have helped solve a Michigan-based disappearance dating back more than 30-years. 17-year old Carol Ann Cole of Kalamazoo vanished in 1980 shortly after leaving Michigan for Texas. For about as long, Louisiana authorities had been trying to identify the body of a young woman found in woods near Shreveport. Posts on Facebook and Craigslist, described as “happenstance”, helped bring together authorities and members of Cole’s family in February. It was six days after the Facebook page was launched.

Louisiana authorities describe the sequence of events as “utterly amazing.”

Current State speaks with Ken Kolker. He reported on the story for WOOD-TV 8 in West Michigan.