Some Medical Marijuana Businesses Still Waiting To Be Licensed

Aug 13, 2018

Michigan now has all the pieces it needs for a fully licensed and operational medical marijuana industry. But some marijuana businesses may still not get licensed before a September 15th deadline.

The state is working through a backlog of applications. The state gave some shops that were already selling medical marijuana until September 15th to get licensed or close.

The state says because it has now approved enough licenses to ensure access for patients, there is no need to extend the deadline.

David Harns is a spokesperson for the Bureau of Medical Marihuana Regulation.

He says there’s a reason this process moves slowly.

“You can know for sure that these applicants who have made it through our licensing process have been vetted fully and the medical marijuana industry here in Michigan will be on a good solid footing once it gets going," said Harns.

Harns says marijuana patients don’t have to rely solely on dispensaries.

He says using a caregiver – a licensed individual who grows and provides medical marijuana – is always an option.