Some residents concerned over South Lansing river trail extension

Aug 26, 2013


The Pathway would add more than five miles to the existing network of nonmotorized trails.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

Tonight, the Lansing City Council could move forward with a plan that would add five-miles to the city’s river trail.

The body will vote on a proposal to provide city funding for most of the “South Lansing Pathway.” That’s three sections of new biking and walking paths that would stretch from Cavanaugh Road to Waverly Road.  

Federal dollars would pay for about 80 percent of the project’s construction costs.  Tonight’s council action could green light the city’s share of funding.

While the plan enjoys significant support, some residents affected by the expansion have concerns about crime and privacy. Loretta Stanaway is a Lansing business owner and lives in South Lansing. She is worried about the expansion. Lansing city council member Kathie Dunbar is a supporter of the “South Lansing Pathway.” They both share their thoughts on the pathway project.