State Issues Its First Medical Marijuana Licenses

Jul 12, 2018

Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Licensing Board issued the state’s first seven operating licenses today at its meeting in downtown Lansing. Katie Cook reports.


Four of the licenses are for a grower in Chesaning, northwest of Flint. One is for a secure transporter in Lansing, one is for a processor in Ann Arbor and one is for an Ann Arbor provisioning center, or dispensary.

They can’t physically receive their licenses until they pay regulatory assessment fees, which are $48,000 for most facilities. (Safety Compliance facilities aren't subject to the fees.) And provisioning centers still can’t sell their product until it’s been examined at a licensed testing facility.

Andrew Brisbo is the Director of the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs’ bureau of medical marijuana regulation. He says no testing facilities have been issued a license yet.

“We had a testing facility that was approved for pre-qualification but not a full license issued, but we continue to work with a few that are close in the process to try to get those licensed as well. And we’re aware of the fact that not having a licensed lab presents a challenge for the other types of facilities so we’ll work with them closely on how to proceed from here.”

He says a few testing facilities should be up for consideration by the board at their next meeting August 9.

Applicants who turned in their state application by Feb. 15 are allowed to continue operating until Sept. 15. But according to LARA, it won’t be possible for the board to consider all the applications by that deadline.